Vaastu Main Door

Vastu recommends the main door be kept larger than other entrance doors of the house. Two entrance doors for a house is the best-suitable situation. Care should be taken to keep exit gate smaller in height than the main entrance door. In case there are two external doors for the building, Vastu prohibits them to be placed in a straight line. Decorating the main door with an OM or Swastika and other auspicious signs or pictures and statuettes of Lord Ganesha, Kuber or Goddess Lakshmi brings good luck for the family. At the same time care should be taken about avoiding any inauspicious picture of violence or wrecked structures at the entrance door.

Vastu Main Door Entrance

The main door should open towards inside welcoming the person coming through and should have two shutter-divisions. Vastu Shastra pundits suggest using wood like teak for the main entrance door. The main door should not open to a wall and also any kind of shadow should not fall on the entrance door. For the correct placing of the main door as per Vastu Shastra Principles , divide the house into nine parts. The left hand side fourth division is best suited for the main entrance door.

Vastu Main Door Direction

Vastu recommends avoiding direct oppositional facing of entrance doors of two houses or sharing of a common entrance door by two separate houses. The south direction is not recommended for main entrance door. If the main entrance to the site and the main door of the house are in same direction, it is believed to bring prosperity to the household and affect adversely if they are in opposite directions. The front door should not face any abandoned or demolished property.

To summarize, the main entrance door to any building it the step of first impression to the visitor. The very placing and decoration of this door brings in wealth and prosperity to your household and also pleases the visiting guests.

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