1 bedroom apartments for rent


Electronic City
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Enjoy unimaginable luxury within your budget with this BMRDA approved project!

  • 1350 Sq ft - 3500 Sq ft
  • Apartments
  • Approved: BMRDA
  • Total Area:8000 acres

Bangalore is seemingly a hub of real estate development. People are looking at the rapid development taking place here as a positive scope for investment. Because of the rising prices, 1 bedroom apartments are a cheaper option. The money invested in these units can be easily recovered by way of renting the apartment. Bangalore offers many career opportunities after the coming of the IT boom. Hence, there are many prospective takers for 1 bedroom apartments for rent here. Leasing out the apartment would enable you to certainly set your return on investment ticking at a faster rate.

Smaller apartments are much cheaper than larger apartments; the maintenance cost of the latter is also relatively low. The people who shift to Bangalore, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, consider it suitable to stay in a 1 bedroom apartment for rent.  Also, the trend is changing towards nuclear families and as the shift is being made 1 bedroom apartments for rent becomes a perfect choice for smaller families. Moreover, as the demand for 1 bedroom apartments for rent increases, their prices will also ascend and hence, return on investment would be higher.

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