NBR HOMES Complaints


7.8 Lakhs View Details

A pristine canvas that awaits your artistic touch; prelaunch offer

  • 600 Sq ft - 2400 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: DTCP (No. 22727/2015)
  • Total Area:60 acres


Nandhi Hills, Near Devanahalli
25.2 Lakhs View Details

Experience a gated community style living near the International Airport in Bangalore!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 1500 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: CUDA (No. 17/2016-17)
  • Total Area:25 acres


Hosur-Bagalur road
9.58 Lakhs View Details

Cash in on the fast paced development near Sarjapur Road by investing in villa plots in Bagalur Road!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 88/2018)
  • Total Area:120 acres


Hosur (Alasanatham road)
5 Lakhs View Details

Enjoy unlimited advantage by booking a residential in NBR Meadows & treat yourself to a golden opportunity!

  • 1350 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 90/2018)
  • Total Area:35 acres


Bagalur (Berigai road)
7.2 Lakhs View Details

Opt for plots in NBR Orange County on Hosur Road and live life to the fullest!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 86/2018)
  • Total Area:17 acres


Bagalur Town, Hosur.
11.9 Lakhs View Details

Book a plot at NBR Golden Valley and enjoy five star amenities!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 102/2018)
  • Total Area:32 acres


Hosur-Malur Road
99 Lakhs View Details

To be a part of this gated community, take advantage of our pre-launch offer!

  • 10000 Sq ft - 10000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: DTCP (No. 03/2018)
  • Total Area:150 acres


Hosur (Alasanatham road)
35 Lakhs View Details

Wake up to a serenity reserved for the hilltops and mountains...invest in a villa plot in Hosur Road!

  • 1400 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 89/2018)
  • Total Area:12 acres
7.2 Lakhs View Details

Book a villa plot at NBR Garden RV to be a part of an exclusive gated community and live in style!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: DTCP
  • Total Area:5 acres


Hosur-Bagalur road
9.58 Lakhs View Details

Buy a villa plot in Green Valley Phase II & enjoy the amenities of a prestigious gated community!

  • 1200 Sq ft - 4000 Sq ft
  • Villa Plots
  • Approved: HNTDA (No. 88/2018)
  • Total Area:120 acres

Over the years, Bangalore has seen a rapid change in the real estate scenario. Property prices are on the rise, new areas are being brought under development, and people are seen flocking to Bangalore to lay their hands on the most money-spinning deal.

There is a rat race amongst the prominent real estate developers and builders to bag the best land available so that they can offer the best residential units and make profits.

Keep yourself updated about your builder

Knowing your builder well is a recommendation that one can give you. Real estate investment involves a lot of money. To make sure that you do not land into any fraudulent deals, go through the information over the net and check for any complaints before you finalize the deal.

NBR Builders

If it is real estate in Bangalore the most trusted name is NBR Builders. NBR Builders are synonymous with quality housing units at affordable rates. The company since 1998 has been the pioneer in real estate building and development industry. With an extensive experience of 17 years and several accolades to their credit, NBR Builders has created benchmarks for other builders in the housing scene. The NBR Homes complaints have not undermined the company’s reputation in the market.

NBR Homes– luxury extravagance!

NBR Homes Hosur speaks millions about the location of the project.

About the location

None of the NBR Homes Complaints would defy the fact the NBR values its customers the most and the project is proof enough for this.  NBR Homes Complaints are not very many, as is evident from the success of the project.

Client testimonial

Mrs.  & Mr. Mahesh Nair state that they are lucky they struck a deal with NBR Builders. Mr. Satish strongly recommends the company for any potential real estate investments.

There are more Villa plots in Hosur and they are truly worth every penny charged as they offer a lot of scope for appreciation. Hosur as a locality offers immense scope for appreciation and hence if a high ROI, Hosur is your destination!