Apartments for sale in Pulicat

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BMRDA Aprroved, Imagine living just half a km away from Electronic City Phase 2 and just a km away from the Hosur Main Road; you wouldnt have to worry about traffic or getting late for work. In fact, you can simply do away with most of your common day to day tensions if you choose an apartment/house ...

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Apartments for sale in Pulicat

Apartments for sale in Pulicat

Pulicat is a suburb of Chennai housing the second greatest lagoon of India. This lake acts as the bordering zone of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This fishing village now attracts developers to come up with new housing projects. The peaceful location and fresh water of the lake makes the place suitable for human living. Apartments in Pulicat will always do well as the environment is fresh and welcoming here. People from far distances come to see the flora and fauna of the lake and want places to stay. You can convert your flats to guest houses to give place to students, professors, microbiology experts for short terms and earn good income.

Pulicat is being well connected by buses and trains to make the place a convenient tourist destination. Thus, you can imagine the rapid progress of the zone in relation to developmental pattern. You will have no problems of settling in apartments for sale in Pulicat as the village supplies good fish and crabs along with a fresh supply of vegetables. Plenty of local grocery shops and supermarkets will make your life progress soothingly. The area is stunningly beautiful as migratory birds of many species breed here during the winter months in foreign countries. You will have nice time taking your kids near the lake to see the birds and vegetation. The waters are clear and you can experience great strolls here.

Banks and ATM outlets are present here to make customers have the freedom to have cash when they require. Good schools and colleges in the surrounding towns will help children get the best quality education when they stay in apartments in Pulicat. The government takes great care in maintaining the region properly as many endangered species of water animals are found here. You can thus find regular cleaning of the community and removal of garbage every day.

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, theaters, shopping malls and restaurants are all within reachable distance. Bus stops taking people to several areas of Chennai suburbs and surroundings are done frequently by public and private buses. Apartments for sale in Pulicat will provide you with genuine rural living experience with urban facilities at hand.

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